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Healing sessions that address disease, injury, preventative care and provide spiritual advancement. Sessions aid spiritual evolution by releasing subconscious impressions so that Siddha Vasi Healing can most rightly be thought of as ‘spiritual healing’—and this is exactly why it is most potent.

2019 Minimalist Movement Workshop

2019 Minimalist Movement Workshop

“Congratulations to all the participants of our February ’19 batch on completing the workshop on the fundamentals in Siddha Spirituality, a foundation level course. This ten day workshop had 18 participants from all over the world. The success of the workshop is gratifying to see by way of the experiences of the participants. They have felt old patterns loosen fairly smoothly. They have felt Peace. And most of all have felt being energetic in a new and refreshed way. Many of them have had glimpses of deeper experiences awaiting them along this path. May they continue with spirited footsteps along the path of the Siddhas.”

Stephen Grissom