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Healing sessions that address disease, injury, preventative care and provide spiritual advancement. Sessions aid spiritual evolution by releasing subconscious impressions so that Siddha Vasi Healing can most rightly be thought of as ‘spiritual healing’—and this is exactly why it is most potent.

authorphotoMy journey into the world of the Tamil Siddhas began in 2006 when I met my Teacher and guru, Siddha Healer Pal Pandian. Prior to that I had been visiting India annually for many years in a desperate spiritual search fueled by an aching internal crisis. The mixture of internal torment and forcible spiritual practices took its toll on my body’s health. It never occurred to me that a vibrantly healthy body, mind, and immersing in the ordinary parts of daily life could, of themselves, aid my spiritual quest. That they could bring resolution to the existential crisis seemed antithetical to all I had ever learned of spirituality. Until, that is, I met Healer Pal.

By some incredibly divine turn of fate Pal took me as his own, healed my body, and restored balance, strength and vigor to the mind. The shadows of the psychic crisis that had haunted me since childhood faded into the background.

Pal began by teaching me the most rare and efficacious of healing methods and one that is of his own creation:  Siddha Vasi Healing. Instructing me to begin healing sessions Pal simultaneously, without my knowing or understanding, was initiating me into the various spiritual practices of the Siddha masters. Spiritual arts like tantra, alchemy, swara yoga, prana yoga, and eventually Vasi yoga – the yoga of the Siddha masters Themselves – flowed from him over the years. Throughout the entire journey Pal, in his own uniquely quiet and humble way, taught the mysteries of not just healing and spiritual practices, but indeed all aspects of creation. Most startling of all was that he never failed to address, in beautiful detail, the most mundane and ordinary aspects of my daily life. In time he also would reveal, by way of both direct instruction and playful story telling, the highest secret of the universe.

This relationship and the many aspects of ancient wisdom that Healer Pal revealed over the years is encapsulated within the book, “Rivulets of the Absolute”. Asking me to write about both the Siddha masters and Their seemingly endless dimensions, Pal insisted that it should be written in such a way that people throughout the world could understand. For this, he asked that I write of my own journey within the Siddha tradition in a most personal manner. The result is the first authoritative book from within the oral tradition of the Tamil Siddhas.

I am the founder of Siddha Vasi Healing Center in the USA and have been awarded a BSS degree by the government of India in Varma and Yoga instruction. Currently I reside in Florida, USA, where I attend to those who suffer from physical and emotional disorders with the healing methods of the Tamil Siddha Masters, know as Vasi Healing. I also give lectures and seminars on the Siddha dimensions of healing, tantra, and the yoga of Siddha alchemy.

“The shadows of the psychic crisis that had haunted me since childhood faded
into the background.”