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Healing sessions that address disease, injury, preventative care and provide spiritual advancement. Sessions aid spiritual evolution by releasing subconscious impressions so that Siddha Vasi Healing can most rightly be thought of as ‘spiritual healing’—and this is exactly why it is most potent.


2019 Minimalist Movement Workshop

"Congratulations to all the participants of our February '19 batch on completing the workshop on the fundamentals in Siddha Spirituality, a foundation level course. This ten day workshop had 18 participants from all over the world. The success of the workshop is gratifying to see by way of the experiences of the participants. They have felt old patterns loosen fairly smoothly. They have felt Peace. And most of all have felt being energetic in a new and refreshed way. Many of them have had glimpses of deeper experiences awaiting them along this path. May they continue with spirited footsteps along the path of the Siddhas." ...



We are happy to say the second edition of “Siddhas - Masters of the Basics”, by Palpandian is now available under the title “Siddhas - Masters of Nature”, by Palpandian, through any of the links provided below.  The first edition came out in 2008, and the changes in this past decade begged the same in the tone of the writing. The critique tone of Masters of the Basics was actually set between 2000 and 2004. The second edition appreciates the peoples growing awareness of the spiritual world and and its aspirants. People are more ready to work on themselves and put it the needed sacrifices.  “Siddhas - Masters of Nature”, is a sculpted version of its predecessor. For readers seeking an overview of the entire Siddha Tradition...


Thiruvadi: Hidden in the Obvious

Thiruvadi:  Hidden in the Obvious Each week, I receive numerous emails from folks all over the world inquiring about my Teacher Palpandian and how to meet him. For years most asked about their diseases, longing to have Vasi Healing treatments. Some years ago, he gave the responsibility to carry on Siddha Vasi Healing to his students both in India and those of us abroad.  Since that time, Palpandian is dedicated to sharing the other aspects of the Siddha tradition. The majority of his interactions focus on aiding individuals in their personal journey or what many call "spiritual practice.” The most obvious is the most elusive. -Palpandian The manner in which he likes to introduce people to the wisdom of the Tamil Siddhas is to gather a few at one time...


The Twilight

The Twilight : “For those who remain in the mountain, dining the juice of mango, Where is the need for coconut milk - Oh lass Kudambai? Where is the need for coconut milk?” During my stay in the Nambhi Mountains I visited the cave where Kudhambai Chittar, one of the ancient Siddhas and the author for the above verse, had carried out tapas (penance). In his verses, he refers to himself as ‘Oh lass Kudhambai’. The root word of Kudambai is Kudham, an ancient Tamil word meaning earthen earring, one which is boiling up, one which bubbles up, or one which is furious/ agitated. By this he, Kudhambai, could be referring to his own ‘agitated’ mind, to which he chooses to denote a feminine gender by calling it ‘maid’...



      Thiruvasi Describing the force of Life can be a trying task and words more or less pile up into a bunch of synonyms. Over time, listening to these synonyms we pretend to have understood the role and behaviour of this primal requisite and do little to think about, or find out for ourself its precise presence in our life. We take for granted this relationship between us and our life-force and pay little or no attention to detail - it becomes a part of the furniture of our mind, which we use for convenience but know little of its origin. Life-force, by definition is that which gives vitality or animates. If we were to come face to face with it, in all its glory, would we recognise...


VASI – Living through the Breath of the Universe

The family of Siddha Healer Pal Pandian’s lineage has grown by three. This happy news is due to the recent completion of Vital Point Therapy instruction by Oleg Aleksandrov, Shweta Parmar, and Jim Prussack. Each of them is authorized to practice Vital Point Therapy and can be reached at their respective contact information listed below: Oleg Aleksandrov                                     Shweta Parmar                                                 Jim Prussack Krasnodar, Russia                                   New York City, NY    ...


Pilgrimage to Saint Ramalinga

Siddha saint Ramalinga was one of the most illustrious saints of India during the late 19th century.  Pal Pandian related a story of Saint Ramalinga: “There was a wealthy landowner and village leader who lived just 20 kilometers outside of here (Tiruvannamalai). He had two young daughters and both were afflicted with some entity, what people today call possession. Hearing of Saint Ramalinga he took his daughters to see him. Of course, back then they had to travel by bullock cart and, as you know it is a long journey. After such a long and hot journey they finally arrived in Vadalur. As the cart pulled into the small courtyard, Saint Ramalinga emerged from the house and stared at the oxen that were hot, tired and tied...


The Pandora’s Box of Healing (Problem – Solution, Pt. 2)

The Pandora's Box of Healing (Problem - Solution, Pt.2) Hello everyone! This followup blog to the one dated October 27 (Problem - Solution, Pt. 1), is long overdue. The original post explored how we mechanically rush to solve each thing that comes along. Only to move to something else. Why is this so important? Because it is the fulcrum of what we call stress. Why would we continue to live in a way that only promotes and adds to our daily burden? I don’t know. So, I asked Pal. His reply? “Because we don’t like to see how we really are, even with any situation.” This same ingrained and neurotic attitude lies to us. It deludes us into believing we understand everything about each life situation. Even in the dimension...


Book Launch in Budapest

Borbala Kasza, is a dedicated student of Pal Pandian and Siddha Vasi Healer. Recently she held a launch event in Budapest to celebrate her translation of Pal's book, "Siddhas: Masters of the Basics."  In an earlier blog about Borbala and the way she lovingly stitched her free time over years into the translation, I pointed out that she did so while working full time and being a wife and mother. Once Pal had received a copy from Borbala, he and I were looking it over. While he had written it in English, I wondered if anyone was attempting to translate it into other languages. Pal laughed, "Oh, no. A few people close to me have mentioned that it should be translated into Tamil. But they quickly...



Problem-Solution. When glancing at the words where do your eyes focus? Where does your attention dwell, on the word ‘problem’ or does it tend to fixate on the word ‘solution’? Chances are we are inclined to shift attention and focus on the word solution. So, what’s the problem (pun intended), with this? During the first few weeks here with Pal Pandian I came to understand directly and deeply what we are missing in life when our attention fixates on solving problems. We can easily substitute the word ‘situation’ for problem. It is more inclusive and applicable. Pal used the word situation speaking to me about the deeper levels of Vasi yoga. The reason this came up and was important for me to see in myself is that...