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Healing sessions that address disease, injury, preventative care and provide spiritual advancement. Sessions aid spiritual evolution by releasing subconscious impressions so that Siddha Vasi Healing can most rightly be thought of as ‘spiritual healing’—and this is exactly why it is most potent.

Book Overview

In Rivulets of the Absolute, Stephen Grissom takes the reader along his intense search through India in quest of spiritual perfection. It is an intensely personal and revealing study of both the ancient healing system of the Siddha Masters as well as the spiritual dimensions of tantra and Vasi yoga. This unique book offers the first time these ancient healing and spiritual arts have ever been revealed from within the Siddha tradition.

India. For many, the word brings visions of ancient traditions and deep mysteries: India, a land that even the British Empire at its zenith could not tame. Today, many seek her out for age-old spiritual and healing secrets, hoping to find the keys to a more fulfilling and meaningful life. In Rivulets of the Absolute, Stephen Grissom takes the reader along his intense search through India in quest of spiritual purification. Upon meeting his guru, Grissom finds a home in the ancient esoteric clan of the Tamil Siddhas. As his odyssey into the enigmatical path of the Siddhas continues, it takes him through the deepest realms of the human psyche. Grissom’s first hand account gives profound insight into human nature, as the book details the many spiritual disciplines and arts of these primal Masters, including healing, tantra, metallurgy, and the occult encounter of numerous spirits and deities. Equally fascinating and transformative, this book is destined to enhance the journey of all spiritual seekers.

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Book Reviews

As an osteopathic trained physician practicing in one of central Florida’s larger adult medicine offices, I found Stephen Grissom’s advanced review copy of Rivulets of the Absolute to be fascinating…. a refreshing and enjoyable step in the right direction… I highly recommend the book to my patients and to anyone interested in improving their health in a complete and holistic way.

-Dr. Eleanor Davina, D.O. (Internal Medicine)

“Your book is extraordinary, nothing less than phenomenal. I have never come across a book like yours. Originality shines brightly in each and every page. You have gifted us a complete Siddha book, for which the Tamil society and the whole world will be indebted to you.”
-S. Joseph Maria Adaikalam, M.D., M.Sc. (Epidemiology),
Senior Grade Assistant Professor, Department of Epidemiology, Dr. M.G.R. Medical University, Chennai

“It is simply wonderful. Once I started reading, I could not put it down till I finished reading the whole book. What makes it interesting and easy to understand is your personal  journey in all these paths. I truly hope and wish it would help the common Westerner to understand the ancient Siddha wisdom and how it even applies today in modern day life. I liked the 14th chapter “The Bitter Truth” the most!” -Ashok Gopinath

“Gifted am I to get to read your book Sir. I really must say the book shows that a seeker need not fear their inner guts and dreams as to whether they lead him right or wrong. Thank you Sir.” -Anitha Devi, BSMS, Siddha Medicine

Book Excerpts

On the Siddhas:
By hiding behind masks of utter simplicity coupled with an abrasive manner, the Siddha ensure that they are difficult to find, much less to approach. Indeed, my first meeting with a Siddha was very unusual. Had I been in an ordinary state of mind, I would have seen only a filthy beggar suffering from extreme mental derangement, one who was totally ignored by all those around. What others ignored and avoided, seeing only as horribly dirty and ignorant, for me shone like a diamond among a host of human excrement. I saw a lustrous form with brilliant eyes whose madness conveyed Truth.

On tantra:
As I traveled to various dimensions, I felt the dawn of an awareness that I had left the physical body behind and now inhabited a more subtle form…Thus, I gradually became more familiar with abiding in the subtle body. Each sojourn or visitations from what Pal calls the Beyond, the domain of the gods and goddesses, far exceeded a typical lesson. They effected the very refinements of my consciousness that the spiritual path is intended to produce.

On Siddha Vasi Healing:
When we grow insensitive to ourselves and our life flow, a misalignment or deviation is created within us. When the misalignment gains sufficient force, or identity, it expresses itself as disease in the mind or body. The chronic diseases on which the healthcare industry thrives arise from this misalignment. These conditions have manifested from resistance in the natural flow of life force. All the while, within us is the mirror image of the oceanic rhythm, the animating pulsation of the cosmos. This law of Nature is ingrained within each of us. The body knows its own health.

On Vasi yoga:
Vasi yoga is the most supreme science of spiritual alchemy, having as its goal nothing short of total liberation from all karmic encumbrances of material existence. Vasi yoga is the system of attaining the “Immortal Body.” This alchemical path transforms temporal mundane existence into spiritual and immortal being. The practice demands high discipline, fierce determination, but most imperative is a genuine initiation from the Master, which is not easy to come by these days.

“I liked the 14th chapter “The Bitter Truth” the most!”